Angel of Hope Kansas

When you lose someone you love,
you gain an angel up above

Angel of Hope Kansas Mission

We at Angel of Hope Kansas would like to thank all of the volunteers and sponsors who have already contributed to helping to bring the Angel of Hope to Kansas. Without you, this would not be a reality.

Stacy Carmine, Founder and Chairperson

September 12, 1992 is a day Stacy will never forget.

At 36 weeks pregnant she gave birth to her son, Nathan, who she found out days before was a stillborn.

Stacy and her family were heartbroken.

With orders for a new duty station in Utah, she and her family left Michigan with only a few memories of Nathan including; a picture of his casket, his footprints, IV bracelet and the little hat he wore after he was born.

She saw a story on the news about an Angel of Hope in Salt Lake City where, families of deceased children go to grieve.

“Every year after that, on my son’s birthday we would make a special day trip and lay a rose and pay our respects,” she said.

Years later, new orders brought she and her family to Wichita but, no place to honor the memory of Nathan.

Stacy hopes that by bringing the Angel of Hope to Kansas in memory to Nathan, others who have lost a loved one will find peace and comfort.